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Why Being Dramatic is Not Always a Bad Thing

I admit it. I am a dramatic person. At 28 years old, I still call my mother when my stomach hurts and loudly proclaim I am dying. I often swear to my friends that I am so bored that I just can't. I try to only take pictures in places that are pretty and offer an exciting backdrop to my exciting (if sometimes imaginary) life. Above all, I strive to never be considered ordinary because I believe that is synonymous with mundane. As you can imagine, my dramatic tendencies can bleed over into the way I dress and style myself. While I should probably work on those antics in other areas of my life, apparel is one area where I think everyone could benefit from being a little more expressive. In this post, I am going to share some of my favorite strategies for upping the ante of your outfits.

According to the thesaurus, dramatic can also mean powerful, impressive, thrilling, and electrifying. In my opinion, these are all great things to be. (Have you ever actually woken up and said I really…

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