Face Your Fears

In her book, Living In Style, Rachel Zoe talks about moving outside of her style comfort zones. For her, that was letting go of some of the bohemian flare that had defined her look for decades to make room for more structured, edgy pieces. For me, it's making room for more bold, graphic prints. As a plus size woman, prints have always scared me. I was afraid of looking bigger than I am or looking cartoonish. When I came across this seventies inspired fit and flare number two years ago, I fell in love! I couldn't wait to wear it...... until the little voice in my head reminded me of everything I was afraid of.

Face your fears

Cut to today, when I decided eff that. When I saw this dress in the store I loved it because it was different than anything else I owned and I was excited by that! I should never have let my insecurities get in the way of expanding my style horizons, and neither should you. 

Bold prints

Dress: Forever 21. Jacket: American Eagle. Shoes: BCBG Generation. Purse: Coach.

Bold prints


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