Mixed Up World

I am a firm believer in buying clothing that you love, no matter what department it comes from. I have found some of the cutest pieces in the Target Maternity section and H&M menswear offers a sleek, tailored look that is perfect for when you want to look like you raided your boyfriend's closet without actually having to do it. A lot of times people get hung up on the label and talk themselves out of something really great. Such a shame. Never be afraid to shop the Men's section! (It's 2015 people are labels really that important?) In this post, I took one of my favorite menswear pieces and styled it with feminine silhouettes for a stark contrast. Olive is making a big appearance this spring and though that typically means military styles, I love it with bright colors like pink as well. Determined to put my own spin on the trend, I pulled out this Urban Outfitters leather embellished canvas vest and threw it on over a cropped sweater and mini skirt.

Vest: Urban Outfitters (Men's). Sweater: H&M. Skirt: Old Navy. Bag, shoes, necklace: Dillard's.


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