Quarter Life Style Crisis

One confusing thing about being post grad and in the working world is how to transition my wardrobe from student to stylish professional. You're probably still paying off student loans like I am and while grown up job means grown up money it also means grown up bills. Add to this equation that the playful styles I used to love now don't seem to fit my life style and you've got a recipe for a quarter life style crisis! Articles today telling women '30 pieces to own by the time you're 30' are a dime a dozen and every fashion site seems to have a different idea to elevate your style. Don't get me wrong, I devour this posts, but it's not always practical to go out and buy each recommended piece. Instead, I've tried to focus on adding the fabrics talked about to my wardrobe. Think about it; you don't often see college students in silk trousers or real leather jackets. By improving the quality of fabrics in my closet, it instantly makes my look feel more adult. (Added bonus these high end fabrics tend to last longer that those of cheaper fast fashion pieces.) In this post, I pulled together a few pieces of higher quality fabrics to show just how polished it can make a simple outfit look.

Sweater: Old Navy (cotton-poly blend). Skirt: ASOS Curve (100% real leather). Blouse: Gap (silk-poly blend). Shoes: Dillards.


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