Fluid Motion

I'm sure I've touched on the fact that there are thousands of trend sites telling shoppers what to buy and when to buy it. There are also thousands of books dedicated to telling women on the rise how to dress in corporate settings. What none of these rules can do, however, is telling you how to feel comfortable in your skin in a new setting. Which was exactly the problem rattling around in my brain this morning.  As I mentioned in my last post, I recently received a promotion and moved to a new city. Balancing my apparel personality with this new job has been a challenge. (I.e. some morning I just sit and stare at all the clothes in my closet at a loss.) But I finally decided that a change of scenery doesn't mean a change of philosophy. Circumstance doesn't change what you love or how you aspire to feel.

For this post, I picked a form hugging ankle pant, a basic tank, and a cropped blazer. As you know I have a weakness for blazers, but I typically opt for longer styles when my bottoms are body conscious. But hey, what's fashion without risk? I was pleasantly surprised at how the look turned out, with the silhouettes playing well to show off my figure.

Blazer: Loft. Pants: Gibson & Latimer. Tank: Forever 21. Wedges: Børn. Handbag: Kate Landry.


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