"There's a dangerous kind of cool about you,
  But she didn't, no, she didn't know nothing.
  Now she swims rights past his eyes.
  Where she didn't, no, she didn't find nothing.

  You look so pretty from afar.

  Like the gates of heaven are open now,
  And my one true love has waltzed right out.
  Yeah there's one thing about  me you should know,
  That I can't help speaking my mind." -- Daft Pretty Boys, Bad Suns

Styling Note: the trench coat in this post is something I created in college. Each one of the studs was applied by hand. To this day, I don't think I've put this level of craftsmanship into another piece. When I am feeling uninspired or not talented, this piece reminds me of what I am capable of.

Sweater: Old Navy. Skirt: Forever21+. Trench: Original Creation. Tights:  Ava & Viv, via Target. Booties: Lucky Brand, via Dillard's. Crossbody Bag: Sam & Libby, via Target. Choker: Crafted by C. Bartlett.

Photo Credit: M. Jackson.


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