First Time in a Long Time

"We were lovers for the first time,
  Running all the red lights.
  The middle finger was our peace sign, yeah.
  We were sipping on emotions.
  Smoking and inhaling every moment.
  It was reckless and we owned it.

  We were high and we were sober.
  We were under and we were over.
  We were young and now I'm older,
  but I'd do it all again." First Time,
 -- Kygo, Ellie Goulding
Blogger Note: I debated whether or not to share this look on my blog for a while. I've already posted it to Tumblr, so it's not that I am adverse to "Bikini Chelsea" being on the internet. It's the idea the blogspot is much less a conversation than Tumblr, that bothers me so much. I cannot gauge my readers reactions as well. As I was thinking about this, I realized the concept of not posting something simply for the lack social media reaction felt wrong. The whole reason I was excited about wearing a two piece for the first time in years was that I was doing it for me. So I am sharing this look because I loved it, because I felt beautiful, and for the first time in years, I felt unafraid.

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd

Bikini: Lane Bryant, (top and bottom sold separately). Necklace: Nordstrom Rack. Gladiator Sandals: Altar'd State. Sunnies: Loft.

Photo credit: K. Dean


  1. Cute suit Looks like a fun beach xoxo Chubby Mannequin

    1. Thanks! It was my first time at a lake and I loved getting to have two firsts in one weekend.


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