Vintage Done Right

"Back to high school love,
  The kind without drugs.
  We were just two city kids.
  We would run around and tear a few things down,
  But that's the worst that it would get.

  Bad, bad, bad; we're in trouble now
  Or so, so, so they'd say
  They think they've got us figured out,
  But we kind of like it that way." -- Bad, Bad, Bad; LANY

Styling Note: I saw a post recently where a plus size woman was angrily speaking to the fact that so many "plus size "sites only do one look: curvy, retro pinup girl. She basically said that if this look isn't for you, then there is nothing out there. It started me thinking on whether or not I agreed. If I did, was this a bad thing?

I often think I was born in the wrong era. I love vintage looks! But I get where that woman was coming from. No one wants to feel like they only have one option, or that they are being boxed in by a look they don't like. So after realizing that, I decided I think maybe the problem is most sites and stores do vintage all the same way. There is very little new or exciting in plus size vintage. This post will show you how to do vintage correctly. The key is updating it and making it personal. In today's look, I took silhouettes and prints inspired by the 70's and mixed them with updates, like the strappy platforms and oversized sunnies. Even though my bag is an older style, the large hoops keep my accessories playful. Its about balance.

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd

Dress: Alice & You, via ASOS Curve. Platforms: Cole Haan. Handbag: Vintage shop, San Antonio, Texas. Sunnies: Francesca's. Earrings: Forever21.

Photo Credit: M. Pulliam


  1. I LOVE vintage clothes and have posted a few of vintage finds on my blog. Would be awesome to collaborate one day. Let me know!

    1. I would love to! What sort of thing so you have in mind? :)

  2. have you considered checkout CurvyCo ( for more vintage items? :) we're a great platform to find cute plus-size clothing that doesn't break the bank for bloggers like you :)


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