Plus Size Bikini Take Two

"We were born ready, ready to be free
  Chasin' every thrill we could see
  With our eyes steady, waking to a dream
  Aching to be thrown in the ring

  If nothing comes easy as long as we're breathing
  We'll go all the way or go home
  We were born ready, wherever it leads
  What we have is all we need

  Cause if it's fast or slow
  All I really know is I'm gonna enjoy the ride
  And if it's hard or soft before we get off
  I'm gonna enjoy the ride, enjoy the ride." Enjoy the Ride, Krewella

Styling Note: If you follow this blog at all, you know that before this summer I had not worn a two-piece swim suit since I was a child. (If you are new the blog, you can see that post here.) One thing I resolved to do this summer, was let go of that hang up. I am 27. This is my body; bumps, lumps, curves, scars, and all. My skin tells a story and I don't necessarily want to change that. So Summer 2017, I am stepping out of my box and trying some of the great plus size swim resources that are out there.

The high neck trend is one I was really excited to try. For one thing, it looks good on most people, and for another, it gives excellent support to the girls. This caged style from Raisins Curve is a little more revealing than I would typically pick, but I figured if I was going to step out, why not really step out? The bottom is a high-waisted, control pant from Lane Bryant. Although I really loved the print on print look from Raisins Curve, I wanted a bottom that came up a little higher. Baby steps.

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd

High Neck Bikini Top: Raisins Curve, via Dillard's.
High Waisted Bikini Bottom: Lane Bryant. Sunnies: Francesca's.
Lipstick: Girl About Town, via Mac.

Photo Credit: S. Hoffman


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