How to Adapt Any Trend To Your Personal Style

I am really fond of slipping into different styles; something that you already know if you follow this blog. I can rarely maintain the same aesthetic for long. Honestly, this may be because I have a short attention span or that idea of being so predictable is beyond boring to me. Depending on the day, I could be into lady-like style, sixties fashion, or bohemian looks. So when I shop, I make a conscious effort to look for pieces that can be worn with multiple trends and blended across themes. While this freedom keeps me from feeling too ordinary, I have found that in order for each new style to work there has to be a kernel of truth or authenticity to it. I try to make each style uniquely mine, so it does not seem like I am playing dress up. In this post, I am going to share the secrets of how you can do the same and adapt any trend to your personal style. 

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd Style Advice

To illustrate how to adapt a trend, I picked one trend to focus on: prep style. When I think about this look, my mind goes back to school uniforms, backpacks, cardigans, and, for some reason, patches. While all those things may fit the traditional definition of this trend, I am 28 and have no real desire to look like a teenager.  So what's the key to getting the vibe of prep style without being stuck in a time loop?

Updating the elements and materials that make up the outfit and making sure fabrics are more polished and luxurious are great ways to make a trend your own. For example, instead of a canvas backpack, I opted for a tumbled leather version. The trade up makes the outfit feel more age appropriate and sophisticated. Instead of a school type cardigan, I went with a tailored blazer. These subtle differences are what keep this looking like and outfit an not a costume. I still want to communicate a level of polish even though this is a young trend. This look says preppy, but the flair is inherently mine. When you try a new style, that balancing act is something to always keep in mind. 

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd Preppy Style

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd Preppy Styles

"You were all my riches
Spent my love 'till there was nothing left
You were all my sickness
But you cured me of my loneliness

And our love fades
Nothing left here to say
The ghost of us is fading
And that's what I was chasing
I got faith, saying it'll be okay
Step by step, I know I'll make it through

So, I'm saying, oh, now
Gotta go now
Oh, no, nothing's gonna bring me down" 
Feet Don't Fail Me Now, Foxes

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd Style Advice

Brand Note: I wanted to say how much I am in love with the new Rebel Wilson line. The top I am wearing is from the Fall line and the fabric is amazing. The price points on some pieces are a little higher, but I am definitely excited to try more of it. The choker neck is so popular right now and it is refreshing for a plus size line to come so strong in the fashion department. 

Blazer: Calvin Klein. Blouse: Rebel x Angels. Skirt: New Look, via ASOS.
Backpack: Cole Haan. Boots: Rockport, Men's.

Photo Credit: G. Maher


  1. Love this post!! And that skirt is amazing on you!

  2. Love the post! You look amazing and beautiful here :)


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