Mixing Masculine and Feminine Looks

This week I am so excited to be partnering with Tracey, from the Lipstick and Muffin blog to do a blog swap. She is going to share some of her style here and I will share some of my style on her blog. (Don't worry, I will post my look here as well.) Part of growing this blog is pairing with other bloggers to get tips and learn some of their fashion insights. Going forward, I really hope I am able to share more and feature a range of other bloggers. Check out Tracey's advice below on how to mix masculine and feminine elements for an outfit that is truly the best of both worlds.  -- 💋 OOAFN

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd Collaboration

Bell sleeves tops have been such a huge trend recently and especially this Fall. Are you seeing them on Instagram & Pinterest and wondering if you can rock them? A lot of you might think that bell sleeves are only for people with feminine style. Today, I would like to prove you wrong. I am sharing my tips on how to style your outfit with bell sleeves tops without losing your strong personality and boss babe attitude.  

Tip #1: Add your favorite beanies

I love adding beanies because they can totally change your whole look this fall season. They add more fun to your outfits. If you love black like me, a black beanie can really go with anything. If you are wearing an all-black outfit and want to play with colors, a bright color beanie can act as a great accent item.

Tip #2: Pair your bell sleeves top with ripped jeans

Let me tell you my little secret ... I love ripped jeans! I can wear them 24/7 and through all seasons. I wear them in Spring, Summer to Fall and Winter. You can have so much fun with ripped jeans. They add a bit of edginess and masculine feel to your outfit. In the Fall and Winter, you can even play layering with ripped jeans by wearing tights underneath. With this outfit, I pair my bell sleeves top with a pair of black high waisted ripped jeans.

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd Collaborations

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd Blow Swap

Tip #3: A leather jacket!

I love leather jackets. I actually have many of them. I think a black moto jacket is classic and should be a ‘MUST HAVE’ item in every girl’s closet. Every year, I secretly pray for fall to come so that I can layer up and wear all my leather jackets because leather jackets are such great layering pieces. A classic black leather jacket can masculinize any outfit and can go with almost anything, especially when matched with ripped jeans.

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd Blog Swap

You can find Tracey at www.lipstickandmuffin.com 


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