Using Color to Change Your Mood

If you are like me, the seasons can have a big impact on your mood. When the days start to get shorter and the weather gets colder, its easy for me to get in a funk, both in terms of my mood and the way I dress. Repetition become so easy and my creativity can really take a hit. Seasonal color palettes tend toward dark hues, which can be flattering, but are not always mood brighteners. Its important to realize that colors can be powerful and meaningful.  So in this post, I am going to talk about one of my favorite parts of apparel, color psychology, and how you can use it to fight the winter blues.

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd Winter Style

Helpful Hint # 1: Be aware of the pieces that you gravitate towards. Are the colors subdued? Are you wearing the same colors and styles over and over again? Why do you like these pieces so much? I know these questions might seem silly, but color psychology is real. Colors and the way we wear them can not only affect our mood, but communicate a lot about those moods. I'll give you an example. Black is thought to be a color connected with the unknown, secrecy, and, often times, placing a wall between the wearer and the outside world. If you ever see me dressed from head to toe in all black, I am not simply trying to look stylish or slimmer, I am trying to keep people at bay. I turn to black when I am overwhelmed and want to have a barrier. Knowing the meaning of this color is important because if you crave connection and want people to reach out to you, you should choose a more inviting color.  If you are trying to use color to elevate your mood, do a little research and select your hues carefully.

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd Color Pscyhology

Obsessions of Fashion Nerd Color Tips

Helpful Hint # 2: Don't be afraid of bold colors, especially when revamping your basic pieces. As we head into winter, one of my staple pieces is going to be a trench coat. The classic lines add instant style to any ensemble. I got this one from Zara during a season clearing sale for less than $30.00. Ordinarily, I would have gone for camel colored or even gray, but I really liked the idea of turning basic piece into a statement piece by simply using color. In color psychology, orange can help you feel more creative, optimistic, and enthusiastic. So every time I put the coat on this winter, it will be a visual reminder to keep my chin up. Longer and brighter days will be coming. I encourage you to take a second look at orange when you are buying. If you are trying to fight the boredom that comes with shorter, darker days, a little pop of this hue can be especially helpful. 

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd

Helpful Hint #3: Embrace your signature color. My signature color is the bright, almost fuchsia, pink that I chose as my lip color in this look. In color psychology, pink represents a compassionate warmth and a nurturing attitude. It can also be used to mean romance and femininity. This is one of the reasons it is my signature color. When I wear it, I feel beautiful and graceful, the epitome of a woman. I wear this color like armor: when it's on, so am I. It means I am bringing my A game. When finding your signature color, you should think about how you want to feel. Do you want to feel calm and serene? Do you want to feel bold and powerful? No matter the emotion, there is a color that can work for you.

Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd Color Tips

"Will you show me the piece of my heart I’ve been missing?
 Won’t you give me the part of myself that I can’t get back?
 Will you show me the piece of my heart I’ve been missing?
 'Cause I’d kill for you
 And darling you know that

 So I’ll light up a cigarette
 I’ll drink it down ‘til there’s nothing left
 ‘Cause I sure can’t get no sleep
 And Lord knows there’s no relief
 You held my heart in your fingertips
 So now I drown in my bitterness
 Oh, I can’t get no sleep
 And I sure won’t, I sure won’t find no peace
 No peace" Sam Smith, No Peace

     Obsessions of a Fashion NerdObsessions of a Fashion Mood

Trench: Zara. Blouse: Gibson + Latimer, via Dillard's. Leggings: New Look Curve, via ASOS. Cross body: Target. Booties: Kenneth Cole.

Photo Credit: S. Hoffman.


  1. I adore this blue & mustard together.

    1. Thank you so much! I love the blue as a pop! What color combinations do you like?

  2. You are so right! I feel happy and energized already just looking at this outfit! I need more colourful outfit in my life ha ha.

  3. Love this post! I need to find my signature color :)


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